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HK Vintage is a company that buys, sells, exchanges and takes in deposits luxury and designer second-hand/ second-hand articles.

We are independent of the brands we sell and of the Luxury Houses. We are not linked to them. HK VINTAGE is not affiliated or associated with the brands we sell on the site.

HK VINTAGE is an active player in the second hand market and is in no way a franchise or an authorized reseller of the luxury brands. However, we guarantee the authenticity of the items we sell.

HK VINTAGE sells its products on

Each order you place on our site,or each time you visit the site, you acknowledge that you agree with the terms and conditions of use of the site. In case of conflict, you acknowledge that the applicable rules of law will be those of the French courts.

Our site and all its content is subject to intellectual property regulations. The site is protected by copyright and it is strictly forbidden to reproduce or copy in any way whatsoever the site, its content, photos or media used. Nobody is allowed to copy or distribute them, the site is protected by copyright. The registered trademarks that appear or are mentioned on the site belong to their respective owners.


HK VINTAGE is a company that sells, buys, exchanges and takes in deposits second hand, used luxury items.

We are independent of the brands we sell, and of the Luxury Houses.

HK VINTAGE is not affiliated, or an authorized dealer or franchisee of the brands or Luxury Houses.

We buy, sell, exchange and take in deposits only second-hand items that have already been used, even if they are sometimes in perfect condition. We are only active on the second-hand market.

Every time you order or visit our site, you agree with our general terms and conditions of use and you agree, that in case of conflict, French laws will be applicable and French jurisdictions will be competent.


You can drop us off, entrust us with your bags for sale.

1 - If you want an estimate, for one of your products, or for several of your items that you want to offer us for sale, you can contact us thanks to the phone number indicated on the site. We will answer you as soon as possible, generally within 24 working hours. We will determine and estimate the value of your item. If the estimate is acceptable to you and we agree on a net selling price then we will receive a deposit mandate. This mandate will certify that you mandate the company HK VINTAGE to sell your products at a price agreed upon together. It will then be necessary to return us this contract signed and dated

The company HK VINTAGE reserves the right not to accept an article for sale if it does not correspond or is not in conformity with the legislations in force. HK VINTAGE can expressly refuse to take in deposit articles if we consider, after discussion with its seller that the origin and traceability of the product are not sufficiently established and accurate.

The depositing customer gives mandate to the company HK VINTAGE to highlight the product and to ensure its promotion, through photos, videos, exhibitions. The customer authorizes HK VINTAGE to relay the product on social networks to increase the visibility of the product.

2 - Once the customer accepts the mandate, we prepare a packing slip so that you can send us your package free of charge. Nevertheless, you can decide to send us your package without using our prepaid shipping slip.

3 - When we receive your item, we examine it and verify that it is in conformity. We then keep it for a minimum of one month from the moment it is received in our premises in order to have the necessary time to optimize its sale.

If, after one month at HK VINTAGE, your article is not yet sold, you can decide to get it back. We will then send it back to your home with insurance, free of charge and at no cost to the depositing customer.

4 - Furthermore, when your article is sold, we will contact you immediately by email and you will receive the agreed sum by bank transfer within 7 days.


Before buying and placing an order on, you must create a customer account with a name and a password. An email address, a phone number, will also be requested for delivery.

1 - ORDER:

When you order, you agree with our terms and conditions, and you are aware that returns are not accepted*. We offer payment by card ( Visa, MasterCard, American Express ) you can also pay by bank transfer. Also, you have the possibility to pick up your items in person in France, in Paris. If you wish to pay in cash, a maximum of 1000 euros per purchase/order will be accepted and we will ask you to bring your ID if you wish to pay in cash.

Sometimes we also sell our articles on social networks and it can happen that two articles are sold at the same time, on social networks and on the website. If this is the case, the article will be attributed to the one who ordered first. Thus, if you arrive in second position, you will be immediately refunded, either by credit card if you paid by card it will be re-credited to you, or by bank transfer on receipt of the latter.

2 - Payments:

All prices are in euros and include the VAT of our country France. However, if you have import taxes due to the region where you live you must take this into account. You are responsible and liable for this tax, we are not responsible for it, it is your responsibility to find out about the taxes in your country so that you can calculate the total cost of your purchase in advance.

3 - Delivery :

When you order, your order will be prepared the same day and shipped within 2 or 3 working days.

  • For any order of a value of less than 1000 euros and shipped to France, we use the post office and colissimo. We take each time an optimal insurance for your sendings so that you order your objects serenely. With colissimo, if you order in France, your object will be delivered within 48 hours. As soon as the package is sent you will receive an email indicating your tracking number. This tracking number allows you to follow your package to its final destination and thus to predict its delivery on D.
  • For any purchase with a value higher than 1000 euros, we use an express carrier for your shipments. We take an optimal and maximum insurance for all the shipments we make. As soon as the package is sent you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number. This tracking number allows you to follow your package to its final destination and thus to predict its delivery on D.

In case of delivery problems, we open an investigation with the carrier, in order to locate your package and to ensure that it arrives as quickly as possible to your home. In the event that the package is lost or stolen, you will be fully refunded for your order as soon as possible.

Shipping costs are calculated automatically when you order.


We do not accept returns.*

We do not accept refunds. *

We do not accept exchanges.*

Each product you buy on our site has several photos showing the details of the bag and its level of use. We try to show the defects of use if there are any, the exact condition. We mention the dimensions.

However if you have more questions, if you want advice, more pictures of the product, please send us an email with your requests before ordering and we will try to answer them as precisely as possible. Videos are also available on request so that you can see the product before you order.

*** We do not accept returns because we work with luxury products, and exceptional noble materials, which, although second-hand, cannot be sent and reshipped as standard quality products could be. Each return is a new probability that an item will be damaged, and we cannot afford this with these luxury items, which deserve the best treatment.


Each item that is visible on our site and offered for sale has several photos and a description. We indicate the size, the color, the condition in order to give you a precise idea of the article. The accessories and the origin of the products are also mentioned in the information.


We deliver to most countries in the world. Pay attention before your place an order, specific terms and conditions, and taxes may apply some countries, depending on applicable local legislation. We are situated in France, so when we ship outside European Union, import taxes may be applicable to your region. Please, check before ordering if import taxes are implemented in your region. In fact, import taxes specific to your region are payable by you and invoiced by our transporter. We are not responsible for that, even if you support import taxes, our price will remain the same.


Each product we sell is checked by us, their conformity is guaranteed. We are very committed to the fight against counterfeiting and as such, we offer a full warranty for all items sold by the company HK VINTAGE.


Every time you order, the buyer must provide the site with personal information for payment, invoice and delivery. We will never give this information to a third party and we will keep your information private.